Saturday, January 1, 2011


Hello dudes and babes.

Here we are destroying Tokyo like God-damn-zilla.

The Japan tour was fan-fucking-tastic. We owe many thanks to Phillip at Red Cobalt Industries for the Jersey Shores release and the potent 4 day tour through Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya. We played with some great bands: Eternal Elysium, Vomit Monster, Coffins, Terror Squad, Birushanah, AKBK, and tons more. Also super great to see our bros from Green Milk From the Planet Orange: T, K, and Ace!

I'm also happy to announce we sold all the fart shirts.

 The year ending show with BuzzOven was also sweet. Thanks for raging.

Our friends in The Ruby Doe released a new album this year, which is a stripped down rock album very reminiscent of their first record. It's called "Getting Ahead in the Music Business". Follow the links on their myspace to buy it.

When the fuck is Dog Shredder gonna release an album?

Going into 2011 we are going to keep on playing around the northwest and keep working on new jams. We are a number of songs deep into a new album and the intent is to record it this year. Our pace has slowed considerably but we are still stoked on making brutal jams and raging with you fuckers.

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