Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Paris, 2005

We played Paris back in October 2005 while on tour with The Assailant. It was a last minute show in the cellar of this tiny bar, only about 30 people showed up, but when we started playing the place blew up like a fucking powder keg. This was when Patrick Cunningham was still playing with us, the tour happened right after we finished recording Forging Steel and Laying Stone but before it was released.

I stumbled across these photos with Maria the other night so I'm posting them now.

This show was without a doubt the craziest we've ever played, and is easily my favorite of the thousands of shows in our history.


  1. I feel like Forging Steel and Laying Stone was the peak of Akimbo's first era.

    I want "Tower of the Elephant" to play at the hour of my death.

  2. Done and done. Send us an e-vite.

  3. When are yous guys going to play Los Angeles next?