Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Stacy Schrag

We recently heard that our long time friend Stacy Schrag committed suicide on May 18th. This was a huge shock to hear and we're still reeling.

I wrote a big sappy eulogy, then read it, then deleted it. I don't think it was in the spirit of Stacy Schrag. I think I wrote it for myself to help process his absence, but I think if he read it he'd look at me with a smirk and tell me to fuck off. Here is the condensed version. Honest. Straight to the point. No bullshit. It's more his style.

Stacy played guitar in Blueprint for Disaster. They were unrelentingly brutal. Show for show I don't think I've been more positive I would see someone's blood than I was with BfD.

When we parted ways with Patrick, Stacy played guitar with us for a 5 week tour. He was my first pick for the job and after the tour I tried very diligently to get him to move to Seattle and permanently join the band. He declined, choosing to stay in Medford with his wife at the time (love you too Kimbo!) and continue building up the small DIY scene in Southern Oregon.

Stacy was a phenomenal photographer. We're proud to have his photography in our albums. His flickr page is here.

Stacy was a loyal friend. You could cold call him at 3am on a shitty drive up the coast and he'd open his house to you and the other 2 bands you're touring with in a second. He had your back without any hesitation.

I wish I could say I knew he was having trouble and had the opportunity to reach out and see if I could help, but sadly that's not how this shit tends to go down. Still think about him everyday. Love and miss him.


  1. Hello Fellas!

    I am Stacy's 'other' brother and wanted to say, Thank you, for this great write up of our brother, friend and solid buddy, Stacy. I've known Stacy for over 30 years now, since we were around 7/8 years old.

    This has been hard on many people, his family and close friends, of course, and will be for quite some time. We just have to celebrate and remember all the good times we had with Stacy and cherish the memories we have of such a great guy. He will be missed by hundreds!

    The following day, I was on the phone a lot. I was trying to track down any and all of your numbers to no avail, but our mutual friend, Jay LaJoie was able to get ahold of another friend at A.T. to get the message to you guys about what had happened. I'm still having to tell people still what had happened. There are so many people, friends that still do not know. It's amazing, yet still heart wrenching at the same time. It's been hard on all of us, the family and all the friends of course, and will be for quite some time to come.

    I know that he loved Akimbo and you guys. He was so stoked to be able to play guitar with you guys on that tour as we all were, and he looked up to you guys in many ways. I know that he kicked himself in the ass many times over not becoming your full-time guitarist, especially after Kimbo and him got divorced. If there was a second chance after that, I know he would've moved up to Seattle in a heartbeat to play with you guys. He truly loved your music and you guys.

    I am in the process of trying to gather as much music/videos/recordings, etc. for his website that I have setup at: http://stacyschrag.com - and would love it if you guys have any thing to help with that cause, we would all really appreciate it. I know there are a few YT videos out there already for the tour he was on with you, but was wondering if you maybe had something that wasn't released or anything to contribute to this project. I will be adding a ton of photos that Stacy took up on his website and/or Flickr account. I had just talked to him about his photography and sites because he had taken so much down from his Flickr account just two days before. Obviously, he didn't say a word about being depressed or anything, but I know he was, I could hear it in his voice (especially after knowing him so long), I knew something was up, but not to this extent. He's always had a battle within himself over many things, and now, his mind is finally at peace.

    It just really sucks because he knew how this felt, because we've went through this a few times with other really close friends so why would he want to put us through the same thing, we'll never know. We just have to live on and keep our great memories of such a great musician, brother, uncle, friend and all around cool guy.

    Also, if you guys are ever coming through Medford, please give me a call and I can set you up a place to stay, if not my own house and a show. I know we'd love to have y'all back here when you guys can. I'll also be going to the show in Portland on the 10th, hopefully I'll be able to introduce myself and meet you guys in person.

    Anyhow, just like Stacy, I've booked many shows in the valley and have put up bands, mostly shows that Stacy couldn't do, etc. Also, even if y'all are just coming through and wanna crash, please do not hesitate to get a hold of me any time! You can contact me through my website (which is still under works as well) at: http://esbmedia.org - There is a contact form there. So don't be strangers! :))

    Once again, thank you for this write up of Stacy. We all truly appreciate it.

    Hope to meet y'all in Portland. I'll be in the crowd, taking photos just like he would've. Him & I worked a lot together on photos, and we both taught each other a lot.

    Much Love,

    Eric B.
    esbmedia < a t > g m a i l < d o t > com

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  3. Hey Nat and Jon-
    Good words, guys. Thanks for this. Stacy was a true talent, and worked like a motherfucker to be able to play the way he did. I can't really add much to what Eric has said, but thanks again. He had an impact on everyone he met. Let me know when you guys are going to be out on the East Coast again, would love to see ya.
    Jay Lajoie

  4. Hey Akimbo dudes!
    I have met you guys when y'all played in Medford years ago. I remember when Stacy came back from tour with you dudes and could not stop talking about the tour and you guys for months! He really loved you guys. I will see you guys in Portland at the Neurosis show. I'll make sure to say hi and re-introduce myself-- it's been years. Take care and thanks for your kind words!

  5. I wanted to kick stacy's ass for not sticking with akimbo, but it was what it was. Many stories were told about his stint in akimbo, he loved all you guys. I have been having my breakdowns in parking lots at night, alone and listening, remembering every guitar lick he could nail after first listen. His talent is immortalized in many avenues, your band brought him much joy, and I thank you for bringing him along for part of your journey!

    Chris Miller