Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Goodbye TAAS

(nom nom nom)

A fond farewell to our brothers in noise and rehearsal, These Arms Are Snakes who have officially called the bitch off. I will never forget you guys opening for us in 2002 and thinking "Awww... I miss Botch... But at least it's not as bad as that Minus the Bees band or whatever...", and then seeing you guys in 2007 and after 5 years realizing well shit, they're actually pretty fucking good.

Regardless of whether or not you liked their music, I think we all can congregate and appreciate their true gift to the underground community which is perhaps the best band name to make jokes with. The Abodox hit a fucking line drive with the song title "These Arms are Arms" released on their first record (I believe the same year their Snakes' first album came out), and less officially we'd use it on tour all the time to describe any number of situations: these dudes are tired, these beers are hot, these bands are shits, these waffles are stales, these drives are brutals, etc. I truly believe the art was perfected in the White Jazz song title "These Arms Are Snakes On A Plane", penned by one Jared B. Eglington.

On a more sober tone, a sincere tip of the hat to some excellent musicians and a great rock band. It's a shame to see another of our ilk bite the dust, and unless they all go on to lucrative careers as bar-room DJs spinning ipod play lists I'm curious to see where things go for our boys. Brian, I hope you continue to ground Russian Circles in the way that only you can, and that The Stranger continues to employ your skills and insights in observing many otherwise ignored bands and trends in today's music. Steve, I hope you find new microphone cables to choke yourself with, and I'm sure that steady stream of poon will keep flowing. Ryan, you are awesome and Narrows will dominate as hard as you allow it. Chris, get your goddamn drums out of our practice space.

We love all you dudes.


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